Kalin’s Chronicles: Your 2011 Travel Wish List

italian-villasHappy New Year, Women at 40! It’s that time again to reflect on the past year and recharge for the new one. 2010 was a challenging year, so I didn’t get to travel as much as I would have liked. However, I always make a “travel wish list” at the beginning of each year. It feels great to be able to check a city or country off of the list. What’s on your travel wish list?

The same country that was on the top of my list last year, is on the top of this year’s list – Australia! I’ve been wanting to visit this country for a while because once I make it there I will have traveled to all seven continents! Right now I’ll have to live through my friend’s photos from her trip to Australia with Oprah! I was so happy for her, and wished I could have been a stowaway. Other destinations on my list include: Honolulu, Paris, Bahia, Hong Kong, and a return to Cape Town. No matter how much I travel, there are always so many more places to see. (Photo: Gorgeous seaside villa and one of the places on our senior editor’s wish list)

In the meantime, you can expect posts from me on the following travel themes this year:

  • Girlfriend Getaways
  • Mother/Daughter Trips
  • Finding Yourself via Travel
  • Caribbean Resorts
  • Dancing Destinations
  • Golfing
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Travel for the Physically Challenged, and more….

So what’s on your 2011 travel wish list and do you have any great travel plans for celebrating your 40th? Share your wish list and your plans in the comment section, on our Facebook fan page or email us at contribute(@)womenatforty.com (remove parenthesis.) And remember: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness” — Mark Twain.

Kalin Thomas is Women at Forty’s Travel & Leisure Editor. She is also Senior Writer/Photographer for SoulOfAmerica. Before starting her own multimedia company, Kalin spent 17 years at CNN where she won several awards for her work as producer/correspondent for CNN’s weekly travel program, CNN TravelNow. She is currently writing a book about her travels. For more information on Kalin, visit www.seetheworldproductions.com.