Life Lessons at 40: Things I Learned From Watching a Frog’s Epic Fail

Not the frog that attacked me in my garden this past weekend (attacked might be a strong word but there was crying).

No, the frog that Andrew Mountcastle captured in this video. This frog (I’ll call him Isaac to distinguish him from the frog named Hannibal that attacked me this weekend) fails epically (and humorously) at doing what he does best, and I learned a few things from watching him fail:

  1. There was a moment there when Isaac knew he’d failed – I imagine it was when he pulled back his tongue and it didn’t taste like dragonfly.  Notice he followed through with the arm-gab move anyway. When you really want something you keep at it until you’ve done everything in your power to get it.
  2. Even when you’re really good at something – maybe even born to do it – there are times you’ll fail.
  3. Some people, sitting comfortably in their chairs at home (doing absolutely nothing else) will watch you fail and get a kick out of it. They’ll even derive pleasure from watching you fail. That’s none of your business.  Do what you’re supposed to do anyway.
  4. Dragonflies are disgusting, why would Isaac work so hard to try and get one? Because Isaac knows what he wants.  You decide what motivates you. You determine what’s worth working hard for.  No one has to love what you want to do/have/be, but  you.
  5. Even if you’ve done something and done it well for 40 years, sometimes you just fail. Cut yourself some slack and try again tomorrow. It happens to the best of us. And Isaac.



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