Lysterium, literary tours and what we’re reading this summer…

Last week Kalin chronicled Literary Tours from around the globe.  In keeping with that theme, this month we’re launching our summer reading series.

Why a reading series? Well, you should already know how much I love to read. If not, read this.

I’ll wait…


Now you know why I love to read – and why I can enjoy reading almost anything (yes, even the Twilight series that I mercilessly mocked when a colleague started reading it a few years ago.) I’ll wait while you read that one too.

Can you think of a more relaxing summer day than kicking back with a great book (a real one if you’re old school like me, or a Kindle if you’ve considered/gone over to the other side – also like me?)  Reading, whether you’re sunning yourself on the Amalfi coast (my dream vacation) or fanning yourself in your one bedroom efficiency in 94 degree Atlanta, GA (my real vacation), is the best – legal – form of escapism there is.

Lately I’ve been (gratefully and surprisingly) overwhelmed with requests from authors to review books that will appeal to the WAF community.  As a long time lover of reading I said YES, YES, YES to them all and now am sitting on a pile of books, working my way through them one at a time. Thankfully, many of you are book lovers too and now we’ve got a little dream-team of reader/reviewers for the WAF community.

Upcoming reads…

From a grandmother’s tale of a land called Lysterium, to an American couple Taking Root in Provence, Women at Forty’s summer reading series has got something for everyone.   For the deep thinkers, there’s an Ancient Greek Prescription for Health and Happiness and for those coping with loss there’s help finding a personal path to healing. There’s The Case for Falling in Love, which begins with the idea that today’s conventional wisdom on dating (“He’s Just Not That Into You” or “Men are from Mars”) is over-commercialized, shallow and flat wrong. And for the animal lovers, there’s the heart-warming and inspiring true story of  a woman with Cerebral Palsy and her devoted service dog Slugger.

Other books on tap this summer include, Happy Hour by Michele Scott, a book about friendship and four strong independent women who support each other through some tough challenges and The Silver Boat from the New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice, a portrait of three sisters who come home to Martha’s Vineyard one last time to say goodbye to the family beach house. On tap for the future, Quick Fall Of Light, a novel By Sherrida Woodley, Fourth Sunday by B.W. Read, and lots more.

The series begins next week with a reader’s review of Michelle Toth’s debut novel, Annie Begins, the story of Annie Thompson, a brilliant business woman who doesn’t quite have the same success rate in relationships.

If you’d like the WAF dream-team to review your book for our summer series, email us at contribute (at)

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