More things it’s taken us 40 years to learn

j0432847 On Monday we shared our list of 10 things it’s taken us 40 years to learn. Here are a few of the things you shared with us…

“Fulfillment and peace are the brass rings of life.”

“True love is absolutely magical and really can & does happen at first sight.”

“The older I get, fewer things matter & more people do.”

“There are no absolutes; everyone and everything is a shade of gray.”

“Some people are blessings, others are toxic. Often, one masquerades as   the other and it takes intelligence, strength and faith to know the difference betwixt the two.”

“You can make real, true-blue friends later in life.”

“You’re never get too old to want to please your parents.”

“Time does NOT heal all wounds, but that is alright; some wounds are meant to serve as a reminder.

“I can’t please everybody.”

“I’m actually quite pretty without makeup.”

“What people think of me is none of my business.”

“Spirituality is an ever-evolving process.”

What has it taken you 40 years to learn and what are some of the things you’re still working on? Share them in the comment section, or email us at

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