My $25 good food challenge: Why did the chicken cross the road?

j0441050 To get away from me. Determined to get out of my bean daze this week,  I bought some chicken from the farmers market. The plan was to spread what turned out to be six very small chicken thighs over the course of my third week on the challenge. Sadly, they never made it past the weekend.

The easiest way to explain my obsession affinity for chicken is to quote my (vegetarian) sister, “It’s in your system.” I like it stir fried, baked, stuffed, grilled, stewed, curried, browned…basically, if you cook it, I’ll eat it. You know how they talk about people being carbohydrate addicts, why don’t they ever mention the protein addicts? I know they exist because I am one. I went years without eating red meat, and could live without it now. The same goes for most other meat, but anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy cooking and eating chicken. So when I baked my six very small chicken thighs (did I mention they were very small) and told myself they’d last the entire week, not even the dog believed me.

If you do the math you’ll see that if you eat two thighs per serving for both lunch and dinner you’ll have chicken for exactly a day and half. Which brings me to this week’s lessons:

Lesson number one – The next time I blow a considerable percentage of my meager $25 budget on free range chicken (my total for this week was $25.67) I’ll cut it up into bite sized pieces the way it’s done in many Asian dishes. That will stretch it over a longer period of time. Hopefully.

Lesson number two – Know your weakness, be honest about it and plan for it. Superman has his Kryptonite, I have my chicken. Next time I’ll only cook an individual serving at a time because as much as I love chicken, I’m not eating it raw and no matter how much I’m fiending for it, I won’t cook a batch up at midnight.

Lesson number three – if you eat all the good stuff at once, you’re back to beans for the rest of the week. Chick peas anyone?

The other thing I realized during this week’s grocery run was how much force feeding and injecting chickens fatten them up! It’s pretty shocking when you think about it. The free range chicken wasn’t nearly as large as the other chicken. And has anyone noticed that chicken just doesn’t taste the way it used to – specifically the fast food kind? Are our taste buds maturing as we get older or is the chicken just not cutting it anymore? Anyway, I’ll be back at the end of the week for an update on the now chicken-less remainder of my week. Bon Appétit!

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  • Kimberley

    LOL! That's funny!! You had good intentions….but the chicken got the best of you. Maybe next time go to BJ's and get some chicken breasts in bulk! You might blow a good chunk of the $25…but maybe you can strrreeeettttcccchhh it into 2 weeks??

  • Grace

    Isn't it hilarious?! Is BJ's chicken grass fed? If not, it doesn't qualify for my challenge. But, even if it does, it would be veeeeeery dangerous for me to buy chicken in bulk. Veeeeery dangerous!!

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