My happy list – The best of 2010

Sesame-Street-I-Love-My-HairWhile it sometimes seems easier to remember the bad – the BP Oil Spill, the earthquake in Haiti, the Kardashians – a lot of great things happened in 2010.  From national stories to personal highs, here are just a handful of the things that made me happy in 2010…

1. My first girlfriend getaway – it was a short car ride away, but it made a world of difference and came just in time

2. Connecting with old friends on Facebook

3. NAVO church – a new, local church that’s opening my eyes to some really great things

4. A Sesame Street dad’s tribute to his daughter’s hair (Image: Still from I love my hair video)

5. As hard as some people fought against it, kids who have preexisting medical conditions can no longer be denied coverage.

6. Between Facebook fans, Twitter followers, email subscribers and visitors to the site, our little community of women and its supporters now number in the thousands.

7. The final scenes of LOST and the original (and best) Law & Order

8. Still the first person to make me laugh every day – Craig Ferguson

9. “I met God, I met the devil, God won.” – The rescue of the Chilean Miners

10. The Little Book that could? – I finally wrote and submitted my book proposal

11. In a sea of politics and blind party alliances, The Rally to Restore Sanity

12. It’s better to give than receive, unless you’re Jay Leno – Conan O’Brien’s comeback

13. Fox’s TV show Fringe – kind of like the X-files on nitro

14. Netflix for finally allowing me to pull the cord on ridiculous cable bills

15. “Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me.” The Old Spice Guy.

16. 107 students of the class of 2010 at Urban Prep Charter Academy in Chicago — all black, all male, all accepted to four-year colleges. Only 4 percent of them were reading at grade level as freshmen.

17. All the women who’ve contributed to the website throughout 2010.

18. Living vicariously through a friend who got the chance of a lifetime to visit Australia with her idol Oprah.

19. Despite repeated verbal and physical abuse, my laptop is still doing its job.

20. “Dum spiro spero” – While I breathe, I hope. No matter what happened in 2010, even if we wish our “happy list” was longer, the fact is, if we’re still here that means we’re not done yet. Here’s to being grateful for 2010 and doing everything in our power to make 2011 the best year yet!

What’s on your happy list for 2010? Share your thoughts in the comment section or on our Facebook Fan Page.

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