Rachel Moheban: The Top 3 Relationship Communication Tips

00409501 Editor’s note: This Next week I’ll be posting my interview with Women at Forty’s latest Whirly Girl, Rachel Moheban. Rachel’s one of the most sought after psychotherapists in New York City and creator of the website The Relationship Suite. But most exciting for us, she’s agreed to be Women at Forty’s Relationship Expert. More details on that coming up later, but today Rachel’s sharing three simple tips to help improve communication in your relationship.

Top 3 Relationship Communication Tips

We’re always told how important good communication is to make a relationship work, but what does this really mean? On the surface, it seems straightforward and logical, right? So you and your partner need to talk and express your feelings….to be open, direct and honest.

Easier said than done! Add human emotion, different backgrounds/personalities and personal limitations into the mix, and many couples are left feeling conflicted and helpless. Good communication does not usually come naturally in a long-term relationship, and both partners need to work on getting their communication momentum right to achieve a harmonious relationship.

Here are some communication tips to help you along the way:

  1. Listen – the importance of listening to each other cannot be stressed enough. How are couples supposed to fulfill each other’s needs if there is no reciprocal listening? This type of listening is not simply hearing words, but involves empathy, sensitivity and understanding of the message that your partner is trying to convey.
  2. Act – once you have heard and understand what your partner is trying to say, act on it. If its something that involves a change in your relationship, or in a behavior that is bothering your partner, there is no better way to show that you care than by working on changing the issue.
  3. Appreciate – whenever you see your partner making an effort to listen to you, to act on what you have communicated, and even to communicate well with you, don’t forget to say ‘thank-you’ and to show appreciation for the effort that he/she is putting into your relationship. Wouldn’t you be happy if your partner did the same for you?

Try these tips as a first step to improving the communication in your relationship and I’d love to hear how it goes!

To Greater Intimacy,

Rachel Moheban,LCSW

Rachel Moheban LCSW, is the creator of The Relationship Suite and The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program.  For additional information about Rachel and to receive your free Relationship Suite Starter Kit, including a free five minute relationship assessment, visit her website, www.therelationshipsuite.com.

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