Shopping with purpose: $25 good food challenge – Day 1


Today begins day one of my $25 good food challenge. For those not in the know, last week, after being inspired by Oprah’s Food, Inc. episode, I challenged myself, during the month of February, to eat only healthy, whole foods all on a weekly budget of only $25. I’m fortunate to live nearby to a great farmers market, a Trader Joe’s and even a vegan food co-op, so finding whole foods wasn’t going to be difficult, but getting everything for $25 might prove to be.

Well, I’m glad to say that after sketching out a menu for the first week of February and going shopping this weekend, I came in at a grand total of $23.22 for my first week of shopping. The list of items I purchased includes fresh fruit (even some organic) like apples, bananas, cantaloupe and honeydew – organic chick peas (hummus anyone?), brown rice, six grain bread, tofu and soy milk. That’s pretty much it. Including the rolled oats I already have in my pantry, that’s 14 items. Let’s see what I can do with that.

I learned a few tricks while shopping this week. I went to the farmers market first thing in the morning. Since they bake on site without preservatives, they discount much of their baked goods 20% – 50% the day after they were made. If you buy and freeze them, they’re almost as good as fresh. I was able to get a $3.29 loaf of whole grain bread, without high fructose corn syrup (you’d be surprised to learn how many products have corn syrup in them,) for only $1.65! The one surprise I did get? I’ve been drinking soy milk for years, but I didn’t realize until this past weekend, how many of them include many more ingredients than soy and water. Because part of this challenge is only eating foods with 5 ingredients or less, I had to scour the shelves to find a soy milk that met that criteria. Fortunately I found Edensoy’s Organic Plain Unsweetened. It was more expensive than the others and there’s no telling what it tastes like, but I’m willing to give it a try.

I’ll add another post at the end of the week to keep you updated with my progress. Something tells me there’s going to be some Beano involved…

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