Something to Be Grateful For

Decide to be grateful - 2Today, whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, stop and take a moment to be grateful.

I’ve always wondered about statements of gratitude that involve those less fortunate. You know the ones I’m talking about – “Somewhere someone is ill, or didn’t wake up this morning, or… so be grateful for what you have.” But being in a state of gratitude shouldn’t have anything to do with how much better off you are than someone less fortunate. There are so many people doing “better” than we are. They may be healthier, wiser, more financially secure. If we compared ourselves to them our feelings of gratitude might begin to diminish.

So let’s decide to be grateful today, not as a reflection of how we’re doing compared to anyone else, but because no matter what’s going on with us right now, we can find something or someone to be grateful for.

(Photo credit: Grace Wynter – outside the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France)

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