WAF’s Five for Friday- The “What I learned from the Pink Event” Edition

little  pink bookNot the floating above the crowd, Glitter in the Air Pink, but the daily-dose-of-career-advice Little Pink Book Pink, whose 6th Annual Fall Empowerment Event I attended this past week. The event was hosted by Atlanta TV personality Suchita Vadlamani and featured a powerful panel of women including; Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter, Pam Blalock, VP MetLife, Penny McIntyre, Group President, Newell Rubbermaid and New York Times Bestselling Author Emily Giffin. Well over 400 women were in attendance for the panel discussion and while it’s impossible to reproduce the feeling of being in a room with so many inspirational entrepreneurial minds, I can share with you five of the many things I learned.

1. This lesson was  WAF’s Facebook‘Thought of the day’ earlier in the week, and although it might sound harsh, it’s true – Hope is not a strategy. Hope is great, necessary, can help us get out of bed on a Monday morning and motivate us to make it through the day, but hope is not a strategy. A strategy is a systematic plan of action. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. So if strategy is the cake, hope is the decorative rose on top – everybody loves the candy rose, but the cake is the main thing.

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What doesn’t kill you…

00401561 Editor’s Note: Today’s contribution to our Career section comes from blogger Denise D. She writes for the blog, Really Bad Boss, which has been featured in the Huffington Post and The Sun Times. In this piece she talks about making the best out of a bad job, boss or work situation…advice that can be applied to most anything…

What doesn’t kill you..

…often still hurts a little, or a lot.  But while you’re down there writhing in pain from the abuse, incompetence or just plain stupidity of a bad boss or bad work situation, use the time to learn a thing or two.  That’s what I’m doing…

A One Woman Show

Who would have thought that a couple years after being laid off (again) from a job working for (yet another) bad boss, that I’d be wearing the hats of marketing manager, artistic director, sales woman, PR person and human resources? And that’s just on a Monday.  At times it can be overwhelming and I certainly put in more hours than I’ve ever put in in my life, but the not having to answer to an idiot part and the not having to beg someone for time off part, well that makes it all worth while – even those months when I just squeak by. And I have no one to thank but the string of bad bosses who made me so angry and frustrated that I vowed I’d never work for another one again.

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Women at Forty’s Whirly Girls

Rosie the Riveter Women are starting small business at twice the rate of men, 10.6 million firms are at least 50% owned by a woman or women, and women-owned firms employ 19.1 million people and generate $2.5 trillion in sales annually*.  Behind these facts and figures are the names and faces of women, just like many of us, who had a vision, and despite of – and sometimes because of adversity- are finding ways to make their dreams reality.

One of the unexpected benefits of launching The Women at Forty Project has been meeting some of these very women. I’ve been so inspired by them that I’m launching a new series in our Money & Career section called Women at Forty’s Whirly Girls. The term “Whirly Girl” refers to the elite group of less than 1,700 female helicopter pilots in the world. For me the term represents women who are innovators, risk takers and who’ve chosen the often bumpy, usually risky, road less traveled.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing you to women in their 40’s who are doing just that. From an award winning musician and documentarian whose dream career began only after being fired, to a TV producer forced to start her own business after being struck with a debilitating disorder, these women represent the strength and determination that has come to personify 40.  (Photo: 1942’s Rosie the Riveter) Continue reading Women at Forty’s Whirly Girls

WAF’s Five for Friday – The Be Better Businesswomen Edition

00407401 No matter where you are in your career – reentering the workforce after being a stay at home mom, taking the leap at being your own boss, or working your way up the corporate ladder, this week’s Five for Friday features five websites that will empower, educate and inspire you to envision greatness.

1. The Make Mine a Million Business Community is a national network of women entrepreneurs growing successful, sustainable businesses. The network is powered by Count Me In, whose mission is to promote economic independence and the growth of women owned businesses. If your future plans include growing your business to a million dollar enterprise, take advantage of the network’s free webinars, local meetups and national events. You can register your business for free here.

2. Pink Magazine promotes women who are “making a significant impact on the world through their work and their lives-while being true to themselves.” PINK shares inspiring stories of women business leaders, advice, and cutting edge data to help women gain more equity and opportunity in the workplace. Click here for a calendar of upcoming Pink events. Continue reading WAF’s Five for Friday – The Be Better Businesswomen Edition

Fear, the final frontier: Why women are bad at networking

j0400337 A recent UK Times Online headline read, “Why women are such bad networkers.” My knee jerk reaction was to cry foul. One problem – it’s true. Well it’s true for many of us. We’re not talking about setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts or being the life of a party when you know and like everyone there. No, we’re talking about the kind of networking that gets empires established, rules changed, and money – serious money – made.

Last week we mentioned a few things we could learn from men. Networking – effective networking – should have been on that list. The UK Times article struck a nerve because it spoke so many truths:

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