Survival of the fitness: Holiday feeding frenzies

00182714I’ve had a whirlwind couple of weeks. Two road trips (one 30 hours round-trip), a girlfriend getaway (more on that in a future post), my first ever spa treatment, and a lot, lot, lot of food.

I officially fell off the wagon, or as I like to call it, “the back of the food truck” somewhere in Birmingham, Alabama after a barbeque feast fit for a queen. Due to a meat induced high, the details are somewhat sketchy, but there was roasted corn, potato salad, grits, biscuits, sausage and cinnamon buns, and that doesn’t even include dinner. *Sighs*

Today, back to reality. And as 40 year old bodies often do, mine is reacting negatively to the meat parade that just worked its way through my system. I have no one to blame but myself though, so you’ll hear no moaning from me. Instead I’m stocking up on the veggies my body is now most certainly craving and drinking water like I just got out of the desert.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Metabolism Madness Cure” Edition

On Monday Dr. Oz gave us one possible answer for why it’s so hard to maintain/lose weight after 40. “It’s your metabolism stupid!” Those weren’t his exact words, but they might as well have been. During the show Dr. Oz shared a few inexpensive metabolism boosters and a couple of neat must-haves. I’ve added a couple of my own to come up with this week’s Five for Friday…

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair 1. Remember those plank exercises for your core? Try watching a night of TV balancing on The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. The chair provides toning and shaping for your core while helping to alleviate the aching back and legs that comes from sitting at a desk all day. It’s designed for people between 5-feet and 5-feet 11-inches tall, weighs 13 pounds and has a 300lb weight capacity. The Balance Ball Chair retails for around $80. Happy balancing!

2. Oolong Tea – This traditional Chinese tea has been shown to aid the body in burning fat. Oolong should be prepared with 180 to 190 °F (82 to 88 °C) water (not boiling) and steeped 3–4 minutes. Premium quality Oolong can be brewed repeatedly and, unlike other teas, improves with reuse.

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A Fit-at-Forty Check In

00407391 It’s 2 days before my 40th birthday – the perfect time for a Fit-at-Forty check in. It’s been about five months since I undertook my $25-a-week healthy food challenge. For those not in the know, I began the challenge after watching an Oprah episode which featured the documentary, Food Inc. That show got me to watch the actual documentary and led me to ask the question, can a single, 39 year old woman eat consciously on a $25-a-week budget? You can read all about my great 4 week adventure here. My goals were to eat consciously and healthily on a $25 a week budget, and lose weight in the process.

Five months after officially ending the challenge, I have (for the most part) stuck to healthier, more conscious eating habits. The $25-a-week budget looks more like $35 now, but still, the end result is that I’m much more mindful of what’s in the food I’m eating and where it’s coming from.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – plan a party, meet in the middle, daily candy….

sushi plate invitationLast Friday you asked him out. For this week’s Five for Friday, we’ve got you painting the town red and planning dinner parties with him. We move fast around here…

1. Whether you’re meeting your new boyfriend for lunch, getting together with the girls, or having a power lunch, helps you find the perfect meeting point halfway in between. Mezzoman uses a “multi-point” system that allows a user to enter up to three addresses at one time and then finds a meeting point right in the middle.

2. If you’ve got plans to “get out” more this summer, DailyCandy can help. DailyCandy editors check out cities all over the U.S. and lets you in on what to do, shop, see, and eat in your city. Sign up for the e-mail list to make sure you never miss a thing. (Image: Sushi Plate Invite)

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Esther Kane on: Mindful Eating Roadblocks – Eating without Enjoyment

j0402555 Editor’s Note: Last week we shared part I of Esther Kane’s Mindful Eating Roadblocks series, Distracted Eating. Today we present part II, where Esther asks the question, are you eating without enjoyment?

This is a topic that is dear to my heart. You see, my mother, Marion Kane, is a food writer. In fact, she was the Food Editor of two major Canadian newspapers for a total of 17 years. So while most kids spent their evenings playing outside, I was busy dining in the finest restaurants of Toronto ordering lots of dishes to help my mum in her “tasting” ceremony which would either make said restaurant into the latest “hot spot” or else put it out of business within two weeks.

My mother, unlike me, doesn’t appear to struggle with what to eat, how much to eat, or knowing when she’s full. But still, I have managed to learn some important things from her when it comes to eating joyfully. In my mother’s house, eating is a celebration: a time set aside to painstakingly prepare and enjoy a good meal.

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