Kalin’s Chronicles: The art of yoga

Yoga at Baltimore Museum of Art 002 Whenever I meditate consistently, my life always seems to be in balance. But just like my eating habits, whenever I travel I seem to get off my routine. However on a recent visit to my hometown of Baltimore, my friend Anne Mannix, invited me to take a yoga class where she works, at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Yoga at a museum? Who knew?

Yoga is offered at the Baltimore Museum of Art each season. Classes are usually held in various galleries that include Contemporary, American Modernism, and African. The teacher is Brianna Bedigian, a certified yoga instructor with a BA in art history. She said yoga is an art, so it was a perfect blend to offer classes at the museum. The summer sessions are held in the beautiful Sculpture Garden. The entire experience was a feast for my senses as I marveled at the sculptures, inhaled the scent of flowers, listened to the birds sing, and felt the cool grass beneath my feet. Though the museum is in the midst of a bustling community, the trees help buffer the sound of traffic. (Photo credit: Kalin Thomas)

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