The $25 challenge: There’s something to be said for going public

j0385257 The toughest part of this week’s challenge was not sticking to the $25 budget. It wasn’t giving up processed foods or refined sugar. No, the toughest part of this week was stopping myself from counting calories and weighing myself.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that over the years, tracking what I could and couldn’t eat and weighing myself have become an obsession. Ironically, none of that obsessive tracking did anything to stop me from gaining weight. But it’s become so much a part of what I do and who I am, that not doing it seems foreign to me.  Enter my public declaration on Women at Forty that I’d do neither. Never one to lie (well, not to large groups of people at once) I refrained from calorie checking and weighing myself – despite being tempted several times. There’s something to be said for going public.

Why was it important to stay off the scale during this challenge? If you’re someone who’s struggled with weight their entire life then you know that the scale can become the most powerful “voice” in the house. It can dictate your emotions, what you eat and don’t eat and can shape your outlook on your entire day. If you’re someone who’s given your power to the numbers on the scale, NOT weighing yourself for a period of time can be a difficult, but ultimately healthy thing. For me this challenge is about returning my focus to food as nutrition not as nurturer-problem solver-companion-savior, regardless of what the numbers on the scale say.

I’m back to the market this weekend. My total last week was $25.72 (adjusted for the most expensive pint of orange juice I’ve ever purchased, bought during a meeting at a coffee shop on Tuesday.) I’ve actually got beans, rice and a few other staples left over from last week’s purchases, so I think I can come in under $25 this week. Hey, I might even be able to by about a half an ounce of free range chicken to add a little variety to this all bean thing I’ve been doing. I’ll be back on Monday with a total and an update on how my first weekend on the challenge went.

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Grace is a blogger and Women at Forty editor who lives outside of Atlanta, GA. She shares her weight loss challenges and experiences weekly in our Health & Beauty – Fit at Forty section.

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Grace is a freelance writer and blogger living in Atlanta, Georgia.