The Back-up Plan will never win an Oscar, but it’s given us food for thought…

Side profile of a pregnant woman As I posted yesterday, I finally saw The Back-up Plan, the new movie starring 40 year old Jennifer Lopez as a pet shop owner who resorts to Plan B when neither her husband or kids arrive as she’d planned.  Zoe explains it like this, “I thought I’d be married with kids right now, I’ve adopted a back up plan – you know the just in case what I really want doesn’t happen.” Of course, this being Hollywood, just minutes after implementing her back-up plan (which involves artificial insemination) Zoe literally bumps into Stan (played by Alex-Abs- of-Steel O’Loughlin) and as luck would have it, he’s the one.

It’s a safe bet The Back-up Plan will never win an Oscar, but it was chock full of interesting topics just waiting for great women at forty conversations, including:

  • Adopting plan-B for life when plan A doesn’t happen – We touched on that in yesterday’s post, A new take on the old back-up plan.
  • How our biological clock shapes our views of children and family – Upon hearing that Zoe wants to have children, her best friend asks her incredulously, “do you want to see my vagina? I’ll show you my vagina!” Err…no thanks. And just last week Jillian Michaels set off alarms when she talked about not wanting to deal with the physical changes of motherhood. Many of you sounded off on her comments and we’ll share your thoughts.
  • Single moms and the movie’s treatment of them – The single moms in the group seemed to resent Zoe finding a partner, and was it just me, or did they all seem a bit odd? And we’ll join the ongoing, and sometimes heated conversation about raising kids today without fathers.
  • A world without penis partners – The movie’s term not ours – yes, well…we’ll tread lightly on that one, but the term was kind of catchy.
  • The “elusive one” – aka a penis partner, but so much more…

You don’t have to wait until the posts air to express your views – we want to hear what you’ve got to say, so share your thoughts anytime in the comment section, email them to or post them on our Facebook Fan Page.

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