The best of the best Five for Friday ever…

skin organic Until next week anyway. I admit it, I love all the Five for Friday’s – probably because I’ve tried most of the products and sites I feature each week. But this week in honor of Women at Forty reaching its year milestone, I’m highlighting the best of the best. Five of my favorite Five for Friday posts… (Image: Real Organic Skin Line)

1. The Women Blogger’s Rock Edition – Blogging aint easy, I should know. But these fellow female bloggers make it look easy. From a site for curly girls to an organizing buff’s dream site, these five women bloggers are worth checking out. Let’s share the love. *Since I first ran that post back in May, I’ve found quite a few more women bloggers I admire, Minka over at Aural Notes being just one. Watch for a Women Blogger’s Rock – Part II coming soon!

2. The Earth Day Edition – Technically it was “The day after Earth Day Edition” since Earth Day fell on a Thursday this year. But never mind, the Earth Day finds are awesome, no matter what day of the year. A one-stop green marketplace makes green living easier, RealOrganicSkin offers a line of, you guessed it, real organic skin care products and Gap Adventures offer adventure seeking travelers authentic, sustainable travel experiences. Check out the post for site links and more great finds.

3. The Relax, Relate, Release Edition – “Relax, Relate, Release” I repeat this phrase to myself at least once a week accompanied by the Whitley Gilbert shoulder-shrug style ala A Different World. The products in this Five for Friday post help me do just that. All natural Love Your Mama bath products, my playlist is currently on full blast and I’m sipping on some LefTeas loose tea. Check out the original post, grab yourself some of the stuff featured, pull up a chair and chill.

4. The Fearbuster Edition – I don’t just love to eat chicken (read Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road if you don’t believe me), I am one. Chicken in the sense that I’m afraid of quite a few things. Rodents, reptiles, heights and small spaces for starters. And then there’s failure, success, asking men out, you get the idea. But this year I decided to woman-up and face a few of my fears head on. The Fearbuster Edition encouraged you to do the same. Write your book, dance like no one is watching and head back to school. Hopefully the post will help you get started.

5. The Facebook Edition – While some people think Facebook is a waste of time, I owe a lot of my site’s growth to loyal Facebook Fans. Someone recommended someone who recommended someone else, and so on and so on. The Facebook Edition was my attempt at paying it forward by spreading the word about a few great Facebook pages – one of which belongs to a Women at Forty Whirly Girl!

Five for Friday is the weekly feature that highlights stuff we love to love. If you have a product, website, book – you name it – that you’d like to see featured in a future Five for Friday, email us at, and it could be featured in a future post!

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  • SimplyForties

    Thanks for this ongoing feature. It’s always fun to see what you’re going to highlight next!

  • SimplyForties

    Thanks for this ongoing feature. It’s always fun to see what you’re going to highlight next!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Five for Friday is one of my personal faves too. If you’ve got any faves, make sure you email them and I’ll use them in a future post.