The best advice I ever got…

woman relax Ironically came at the end of a 15 year friendship. As our priorities shifted and lives changed, we grew apart. In the last conversation we would ever have my friend asked me why I was always angered and surprised by the things she did and said. After all she said, “this is who I am, and I’ve been this way for years.”

Talk about a light bulb moment. My anger and frustration immediately left me. I’ve since heard the expression said many ways, most memorable, “when people show you who they are believe them.” Anyway you say it, it rings true. That day I realized for the first time that I was being pushy and arrogant for expecting her to be a different kind of person just because I wanted her to be.

From friends, to family, to boyfriends and husbands, understanding who people are at their core is key to maintaining your own sanity. I liken it to women who knowingly begin relationships with married men, only to be shocked when they learn that that married man is also “cheating” on them with another woman. Yeah, the lesson I learned that day has saved me a world of hurt over the years, and because of that I’ll always consider it the best piece of advice I ever got.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? Was it a hard pill to swallow, or did you have a cloud clearing, light bulb moment like I did? Share your “best piece of advice” story here in the comment section, on our Facebook fan page, or tweet us @womenatforty.

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