The reality of women at 40 and beyond choosing single motherhood

Pregnant womanDocumentary explores the real “Back-up Plan”

For many women approaching 40, the realization of one truth might be particularly hard to bear – If they wait until they meet ‘Mr. Right’ to have kids, they might be too old to have them. And while a chorus of well meaning individuals will offer up the very viable option of adoption, for those women who’ve always yearned for the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, adoption just doesn’t fulfill their desires. So, what’s a woman at or near 40 to do?

In The Back-up Plan,  Jennifer Lopez’ character spends a few minutes, legs in the air just after being inseminated with donor sperm, wondering if she’s made the right decision.  In real life though, the decisions aren’t that simple, and the consequences can  be far reaching. In her film, Single Choice: Many Lives, 38 year old Anne Catherine Hundhausen documents her personal journey into making that very decision. Throughout the film viewers are introduced to single women like Hundhausen, who’ve come face to face with making the choice. And unlike the movie, the questions, the doubts and the insecurities aren’t answered in two hours.

The film raises as many questions as it asks – questions that are relevant to many of us. What happens, for instance, in the case of a woman who becomes pregnant at 40 through artificial insemination only to learn that her son is autistic? And what happens to society as a whole when increasing numbers of children don’t know their fathers?

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