WAF’s Five for Friday – design on a dime, home repairs made simple, makeup savers…

Five fab finds we think you’ll like…

mineral saver 1. If you’re tired of your expensive Mineral Make-up spilling out of the sifter when you travel, then this simple foam insert with a plastic film on the bottom solves the problem. The Original Mineral Saver is compatible with most name brand minerals and prices start as low as $5.99. (Image: The Original Mineral Saver)

2. Design on a dime – Want to make some layout changes to a room or two, or three, but not sure where to start? With Floorplanner.com you can create a free home blueprint, drag and drop design elements like furniture and doors and save up to 5 designs in 2D and 3D.

3. Everyday Slickdeals.net shares some of the best deals on everything from electronics to chocolate based on submissions from consumers just like you. Insiders’ tip – the best way to search for your own slick deal is by entering the item’s SKU.

4. What do you do when your toilet stops flushing 15 minutes before your dinner party? Visit Hammerzone.com. Not only was I able to identify the problem in a few minutes, the site also provided a simple quick-fix solution to tide me over (no pun intended) until the next morning. And, step by step instructions on completing the entire job included easy to follow instructions and photos.

5. Fatsecret.com describes itself as a “place for people interested in food and diet.” Use Fat Secret to record your food and exercise, keep a lifetime record of your weight, and find support groups that fit your lifestyle and needs. You can link Fat Secret to services like Facebook and iGoogle, and even track calories by scanning bar codes using their phone app.

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