WAF’s Five for Friday: The “More Best of the Web” Edition

Paris StayFive fabulous websites I think you’ll love…

1. Whether you’re a travel buff or just want to make your 40th birthday getaway the trip of a lifetime, Stay.com can help.  Simply type in your destination and Stay shows you city highlights, hotel deals, restaurants, night life and much more. Add anything you’re interested in and Stay creates a personalized, printable travel guide. (Photo: Stay.com’s feature Bar De L’Entracte – Paris)

2. Wakerupper works with any phone in the U.S. or Canada and does just what it sounds like it does. Use Wakerupper to remind yourself of important events, birthdays and appointments or call your kids to get on them about their chores. My favorite use for Wakerupper – schedule a call to get out of a bad date! Type in your message and an automated voice calls and delivers it at the time you’ve scheduled.

3. Tired of the same walking/jogging/running route? Using your iphone, Walk Jog Run utilizes Google Maps and community involvement to map out the best routes in your area. It’s especially handy if you’re on vacation or traveling for business.

4. Ever wanted to know what the inside of that shop or restaurant looks like before you take the plunge? Everyscape provides three-dimensional, photo-realistic visual guides of cities and towns, restaurants and businesses. You can check out local restaurant menus, theater lay-outs, reviews and local attractions.

5. There’s Groupon and Living Social and now there’s The Dealmap. The Dealmap collects local deals from the largest number of sources and make them easy to find via Twitter, Facebook or through their own iPhone app. Dealmap offers deals and discounts for up to 90% off local restaurants, entertainment, attractions, hotels, spas, salons and shops.

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