WAF’s Five for Friday – The Date Night Edition

Fernbank martini imax Not the new Tina Fey, Steve Carrell Date night movie, although that looks pretty funny. No, we’re hoping for a slightly less eventful, but still fun evening. All week we’ve been talking about relationships, and one of our most popular questions was, have you ever asked a guy out? You’d think that at 40, most of us would have. Not even close. While many women responded that they have, most of us – myself included – have never asked a guy out! Whether it’s because we’re pretty traditional and think the guy should do the asking, or because we’re afraid to hear the word no, 40 might be the year for us to “woman-up.”

In the article How to ask a guy out, Cosmo’s got a few suggestions on how to do just that. So now that you’ve read the article, gathered your nerve, asked him out, and he said yes, now what?

Five great date night suggestions  for when you’re doing the asking – and even when you’re not. (Image Source: Fernbank Museum  Photograph by Michelle Lapid)

1. Martinis at the Museum – Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum hosts Martinis & IMAX nights every Friday evening from January through November. Events feature cool cocktails, films, live music, great food, and oh yeah, there are the dinosaurs. Visit Museumspot.com to search for museums in your city and discover the great date night events they’ve got going on.

2. The couple that cooks together, stays together – Ok, so that maybe a stretch, but cooking a meal together can be a great date. Epicurious.com has recipes, cooking features, and video how-tos to help make planning and preparing your first meal together a real treat.

3. Relationships can be a rollercoaster ride – So you might as well start yours on one. You’re never too old for an amusement park. Beat the heat and crowds of midsummer and go early in the season when it’s cool and kids are still in school. A first date on a rollercoaster can be an intense, eye opening experience. But if you want to improve your chances for a second date, don’t get on any wild rides with a full stomach. Visit Theme Parks Online for a complete list of national theme parks.

4. A round of golf – Even if you’ve never played a round of golf in your life, a few holes could be a great way to get to know your date better. Besides actually playing golf, walking the greens and talking provides some great one on one time. Plus, if he’s any good, you might even get some help with your stroke. Visit Golf.com’s course finder to find a course in your area. If you’re completely freaked out by the thought of playing a real game of golf, visit Golflink.com’s miniature golf directory.

5. Dinner and a murder – Wait, what? Yes it’s campy. And yes it’s cheesy. But it can also be a lot of fun. Murder Mystery Dinner Theatres are a great first date if you like to mix things up a bit. Besides, nothing eases that first date “nothing to talk about” awkwardness like a good murder. Visit Partypop.com for a list of Murder Mystery Dinner Theatres near you.

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