What’s your passion?

passion at fortySo you’re forty, or at least quickly heading in that direction. What are you passionate about? Is it different now than when you were thirty?

For me the answer to the latter is a resounding yes! At thirty, I was just getting out of that phase of being all about trying (unsuccessfully) to see and be seen.  In the middle of all that, I found time to hope for a good job, a nice boyfriend and a comfy home.  Can you be passionate about being comfortable? Passionately comfortable? Well I was.

Almost ten years later, my ideas about passion have completely changed. I’m now as passionate about entrepreneurship as I once was about looking for the perfect job.  Now, instead of being passionate about a place, I’m passionate about getting to a place where I’m at perfect peace, regardless of what’s going on around me.  And I’m passionate about defining the things and people that are important to me and finding ways of nurturing them. What’s your passion?

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