Why Demi Moore’s bikini pics made me sad – and it’s not what you think

Demi Moore Bikini shot I know I’m way late, but why is 47 year old Demi Moore posting bikini pictures of herself on Twitter – again? And why is she dancing on stage with Snoop Doggy Dog? Side note – why is this 39-year-old man still calling himself Snoop Doggy Dogg and wearing a press and curl? But I digress. This post is about Demi Moore and why this talented woman still seems to need the affirmations of an adoring public.

My usual reaction when hearing that yet another teen or 20-something wanna-be D-lister has posted risque’ pics on Twitter or “accidentally” released a home-made porn, is to SMH and move on. It’s the age we live in and unfortunately this generation of young women seem to equate social media nakedness and sexuality with ultimate power. But wait. Demi Moore is from our generation. And she’s an A-list celebrity married to another A-list celebrity. So when I heard/saw that Demi Moore was once again jumping on the nakedness bandwagon I felt sad.

Here’s my disclaimer for all of you who believe that Demi Moore is a grown woman and has the right to do whatever she wants to with her body, her camera and her twitter account. You are absolutely right. And for the camp who says Demi Moore has a great body and she has every right to show it. You too are right. When I grow up, stop overeating and start working out every day, I want to have a body that wants to look like Demi Moore’s body. Maybe.

We knew Demi had a great body when she was G.I. Jane, and Viggo Mortensen battled her for the “shortest shorts in a move award.” And we knew it when Ashton Kutcher tweeted a picture of her underweared butt to his million plus followers. And just in case we still hadn’t gotten the message that Demi is 47 and hot, she tweeted the most recent bikini pics of herself.  We get it Demi, you’re 47 and hot. In all fairness to Demi, she pokes fun of herself too, like in this picture where she’s at the dentist missing a front tooth. But still the butt pics and the bikini pics bother me a bit.

I’ve been labeled a femi-nazi in the past because of my stance on women’s issues, particularly what I see as the over-sexualization and accessorization (I think I just made up two words) of women in today’s society. How many magazine covers do we need to see of fully dressed men groping half-naked women before we admit “somethin’ aint right.” This isn’t about being sexy or looking sexy, it’s about taking a step back and looking at how women in our society are portrayed – and how we allow ourselves to be portrayed. Most parents are telling their daughters NOT to put half-naked pictures of themselves on Facebook, Twitter etc. They’re telling them it’s just not a smart thing to do. And we understand that 16, 17, 20 something girls are naive, coming to terms with their sexuality and in the process will sometimes do things they regret. It’s almost a rite of passage. But at 47 we should be all “been there, done that” shouldn’t we? By our 40s we should realize that whatever “power” is gained by posing seductively for twitter pics or status updates is fleeting at best.

I can’t get inside Demi’s head to know what she was thinking when she posted the photos. Maybe she was just having a little fun. Maybe she works hard on her body and wants to show the world. And maybe there’s a little part of her that still needs the validation. The photos certainly put her name back on the entertainment talk show circuit for a minute. But here’s the thing Demi (because I know she’ll read this) – you don’t have to out-naked the Kim Kardashians, Miley Cyruses, insert naked-celebs-of-the-month-here – of the world, to get to where you’re going. You are already there. These young women want to get to where you are! They want the successful movie career, the great family, the loving husband. They want to imitate you, so why are you imitating them? Women in their 40’s are smart, savvy, beautiful, healthy and powerful. They are also sexy and don’t have to post semi-naked pics all over Twitter to prove it – to the world or to themselves. I just wish more of them would realize it.

Am I being too hard on Demi? What are your thoughts on Demi’s pics and on how women in their 40s are being portrayed in the media. Share your thoughts in the comment section or on our Facebook Fan Page.

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  • rachaelj

    First, I agree nearly completely with what was written regarding Demi Moore. The thing I do not agree with is that she is “hot/sexy”. I think she is emaciated and representative of what girls and women think is attractive and sexy but is really not. I know no man who thinks that the current societal “ideal” is attractive. Every man I have ever known prefers curves and a normal body weight. When are women going to start accepting that there are small, medium, and large body frames and that it is wrong to label one as ideal and have the others fruitlessly, unhappily, try to emulate the one type?! When are girls and women going to realize there is not just one ideal beauty, there are many? When will women stop demonizing their food? Each woman needs to take a stand herself and with her girlfriends as to the fact that eating well is something to be enjoyed. Sure, we all need to exercise but not with this frenetic, never-fit-enough mentality. Let’s evolve once and for all out of this silly, really selfish pursuit of one type of body type. There are huge problems in this world and the focus on celebrities and how much they weigh and how “sexy” they look is really quite sad and a terrible waste of resources.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for commenting! I think when people post photos like this of themselves, it feeds into our overly body conscious, youth obsessed society. When mature women do it it makes me feel like they’re moving backwards and not forward. So my issue isn’t with her body type – if this is what she likes and what she wants, then more so be it – besides, many women are naturally thin/muscular/slim etc. My issue is more with women choosing to objectify themselves. That’s really what makes me sad.

  • Mia

    I think she’s created a living hell for herself by marrying a man too young for her and her insecurity is slowly driving herself crazy. She comes off as desperate and clingy, a far cry from the former Demi who was beautiful, independent and cool. I hope she finds herself again.

  • Anonymous

    Let us not forget that Demi Moore had $$$$ plastic surgery for the movie “Striptease.” I’m not trying to steal her thunder or say that she doesn’t have an ideal body according to Hollywood standards, but even she got a little—no, quite a bit—of help achieving this look. Just some food for thought for the next time any one of us is feeling down about our own figure…