Why Uncomfortable is The Place Where Things Happen

fork in the roadI’m a member of a writing group and every couple of weeks a small number of us get together and place our hearts on the table. It’s challenging, it’s scary, and it’s uncomfortable. It’s also one of the few things that pushes me to write consistently, and with more honesty.

I’ve been plagued with headaches my entire life. Even when they weren’t full-on migraines, they lingered above me like a warning, reminding me that they were always on the horizon. I’d gotten used to them and taking medication to relieve them. But then I learned more about the medicine I was taking, learned about the long-term effects, and became uncomfortable with the idea of taking this medication for the rest of my life. I consulted a nutritionist and with her help, adjusted my diet (more on that in a future post), eliminating foods that were triggers. Removing foods from my diet that I’d once thought were harmless (and in some cases healthy) was uncomfortable, and at times difficult, but we pinpointed my triggers and I’m happy to report that staying away from those foods have left me virtually headache free for longer than I can remember being anytime in the recent past.

In order to progress, we’ve got to leave our comfort zone behind us. Sometimes that takes the shape of a big, uncomfortable, scary-as-hell leap, and other times it’s in small increments, every single day.

Uncomfortable is the place where things happen because that tension, that discomfort, is what reminds us that we want and deserve more.

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