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The Women at Forty Project is only a couple of weeks old and women are already sharing their thoughts  on what forty means to them. We’re compiling all your stories and will feature your contributions, in their entirety, over the j0442209next several weeks. Here’s a sneak peek at what some of you are saying…


Turning 40 for me was 15 years ago and I was terrified. I was in a good place in life, however I was afraid of getting older. I realized that I still had so much growing to do. I looked at life differently and prayed that I would mature and be a role model for my child. I thought I had it all worked out and would be smarter and clear on objectives in life. Well things have not been all I thought because of mistakes, some I could help and others I could not control.

So I say live life and don’t be afraid to let the wisdom and knowledge flow. Don’t be afraid to take chances and for heavens sake don’t leave this earth with regrets. Turning 40 was a “blessing” turning “50″ was a blessing and “60″ is looking great. Let your spirit be free and your blessings multiply.

Kalin Thomas

See the World Productions

The best things about turning 40: your tolerance for bull goes to zero, and you know what you want and what you don’t want in your life and you’re not afraid to say it.

Anaezi Modu
Founder and CEO,

Blessed with great health, great family, + finally confident enough as a single mom to start and run a biz with global reach on few dollars!


The best thing about being forty, which for me was 14 years ago, was self-confidence!  My only child, my daughter, was 12-years-old, so the demands of motherhood had eased up somewhat and I had more time to focus on myself.

To share your thoughts with The Women at Forty Project, send your videos, essays, observations, photos…anything that defines forty for you, to contribute@womenatforty.com.

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