Yesterday’s junk…

junk What “junk” are you holding on to from yesterday or yesteryear? Memories? Grudges? Hurt?

When you’ve got your heart, mind or spirit balled up into a tight fist, you’re not only holding on to the junk, you’re ensuring, ENSURING that absolutely nothing else will get in.

Not water to cleanse your wounds.

Not oxygen to help it – and you – breath.

And definitely not anything – or anyone – that will bring your heart, mind and spirit into a new place. A new peace.

It’s hard work, sometimes our life’s work, but it’s worth the effort. No matter what age you are it’s good advice, but especially if you’re entering your 40s. It’s time. Let go of the junk. Let go and let’s go…

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  • pammie g

    Love this- so true. Now does this mean you will come help me get rid of some of my junk?